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What’s the most effective diet product to burn visceral fat?

How To Burn Visceral Fat?

What’s the most effective diet product to burn visceral fat?

What Is Visceral Fat?How To Burn Visceral Fat?

According to some health websites,Visceral fat is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines.
Unfortunately, this kind of fat (and other body fat of course) is IMPOSSIBLE to be targeted alone (often called as “spot reduction”), the human body doesn’t work that way! but the only method we can accurately examine your visceral fat is to dissect your belly, examine it one by one and weigh it on scale, then we can throw them away and restart. 
The bright side is, many people in this world still live healthy without ever knowing of how much visceral fat they have. 

you definitely NEED to know how fat distribution in human body works, so bear with me:

1-We are all composed of different genetics, these genes are mainly responsible for the distribution of body fat.
Nearly 50% of fat distribution may be determined by genetics, estimates a 2017 study. If most of the people in your family have rounder bellies or fuller hips, there’s a good chance you’ll follow suit.
2-Gender. Females store more fats than men because of their biological capability to give birth. Please check this useful and handy info graphic about women’s body fat estimation and how they look in your body. You can use this pic as one your reference to develop and maintain your body fitness. You need to have specific goals of how you look, and most importantly being healthy.
3- Age. As we become older, our metabolism becomes slower, this is natural.
4- Hormones. Men have over 10 times testosterone than women. That’s why men develop muscles easily than women. MORE VISIBLE MUSCLES you have = LESS body fat you have. It’s as simple as that.
As healthy people have good workable diet and do workouts regularly, our body fat becomes lower and lower. Unfortunately, we (our conscious mind) don’t have a say of where to lose body fat first, because of the first 4 factors I mentioned earlier. So what can we do???

What’s the most effective diet product to burn visceral fat?
The best we can do is to have fit body (the best shape in your life). The more we train and have good diets, the more lower body fat we have . Chances are, the lower body fat we cultivate, the lower these visceral fat we have. Choose your specific goal based on the info graphic, and work hard for it, but enjoy it for long time! Don’t regard this ‘healthy life’ as a sacrifice, it’s a conscious choice and lifestyle. We can eat ice cream, junk food, pizza etc ANY TIME we want, but surely NOT EVERY DAY like most people who are fat and unfit! We can go out at A night to have good beers with friend, but surely not EVERY night 

Another good tips for healthy fat distribution:

What’s the most effective diet product to burn visceral fat?
- Choose complex carbs and protein.
- Eat healthy (natural) fats.
- Exercise 30 minutes a day and increase the intensity.
- Keep your stress in check.
- Get six to eight of sleep every night.
- Limit alcohol intake.
Don’t be too obsessed with this ‘visceral fat’. Just work yourself out hard to have the best shape in your life. I’m pretty sure if you have don’t have cancer etc, you will have a long and happy life.
The most effective diet product to burn visceral fat
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