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The Benefits of a Brown Bag Lunch

Ideas for brown bag lunch

The Benefits of a Brown Bag Lunch

What Is A Brown Bag Lunch?

Brown bag lunch originally referred to the practice of employees bringing a lunch packed in a brown bag from home or a carry-out lunch in the workplace and It uses to save money.
If you think brown bag lunches are just a memory from school days, along with your backpack and Mom’s cookies, think again a new twist on the old brown bag lunch could be your ticket to weight loss success during the work day

Brown Bag Lunch: calorie counter

“Making a brown bag lunch is helpful because you can control what you put in it,” says Donna L. Weihofen, RD, MS, a nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison.Not only do you control the calorie counter in your brown bag, but you also are able to control the portion sizes. Portion distortion a general inability to judge correct portions of food that you don’t prepare yourself is a significant contributor to weight loss failure and weight gain

Brown Bag Lunch: What to Pack

The Benefits of a Brown Bag Lunch
If you are used to eating out, you may face a learning curve as you experiment with brown bag options. As a general rule, you want to follow your calorie counter guidelines and create a meal that will be filling. This requires the right mix of fiber, protein, fruits, and vegetables. For example, pack a chicken sandwich on multigrain bread with a small salad (with light or no dressing) and a piece of fruit or low-calorie yogurt in order to control your calorie counter

Wrap up your leftovers

Try a slight modification to make last night’s dinner a fresh experience. For example, stuff leftover chili in a pita with some veggies and avocado slices for a new taste

Microwave a frozen meal

There’s a frozen lunch entrée to meet every weight loss and every budget. “A lot of these new microwave dinners are really, really nice and they are under calorie counter. I think the industry has done a lot of good things in producing those products,” says Weihofen, adding that you can find some very tasty bargains in the frozen food section

Pack a soup

Soup is filling and generally good for calorie counter. In fact, if you eat soup before digging into your main lunch course, studies show you’re likely to eat 20 percent fewer calories for weight loss

Focus on cost-saving foods

In general, packing a brown bag lunch will save you money compared to eating out every day. If you are stretching your pennies, Weihofen recommends using beans, eggs, potatoes, and leftovers from whole chicken meals (rotisserie or baked at home) for truly calorie counter and weight loss meals

Brown-bag snacks as well

The Benefits of a Brown Bag Lunch
Create your own 100-calorie snacks to get you through the day. Making these yourself might require a food scale for weight loss, but you’ll save a small fortune over prepackaged 100-calorie snacks and be more eco-friendly

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