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Secrets to Healthy Living

What Are The Secrets to Healthy Living

Secrets to Healthy Living

Here Six Secrets to Healthy Living

Sometimes taking steps to healthy living can seem like a huge task that no normal person can manage.Here are some simple secrets for living a happy, healthy more meaningful, stress free life.
As voluptuous Joan Holloway on 'Mad Men,' Hendricks embodies calm professionalism. But how does she stay self-assured in the face of constant six secrets Hollywood scrutiny? Turns out it's a mix of Indian food, salsa lessons, and a simple childhood lesson she learned from her mother as Healthy Living . As a child growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, Christina Hendricks knew of at least one four-letter “F” word that was off-limits. (No, not that one)
Raised in an extremely Healthy Living home, Hendricks knew not to utter the word "fail." The actress, who most notably plays sassy, sexy secretary Joan Harris (née Holloway) on AMC’s hit drama Mad Men, says that her parents instilled in her and her brother a fearless attitude and an open mind and Healthy Living
“My mom never thought there was anything we couldn’t do. If we wanted to do it, she’d say, ‘Well, let’s figure out how to have Healthy Living,’ whether it was salsa lessons or theater,” Hendricks says. If an experience didn’t turn out as successfully as her kids hoped, Mama Hendricks would spin it as a lesson to learn from instead of a failure to Healthy Living Hendricks, who has teamed up with the maker of the eyelash-lengthening drug Latisse to help raise donations for the Make-a-Wish Foundation through Latisse Wishes, believes that her mom’s can-do spirit 
helped build her own red-carpet confidence today. And she wishes more women would adopt such an outlook in their own lives and maybe even take a Healthy Living example from the one and only Ms. Holloway “Joan is an inspirational character,” 
Secrets to Healthy Living

Hendricks says. “People are really supportive of her, I think, because she’s sort of a survivor. She gets knocked down and she gets right back up again”
But lest you think Hendricks has it all figured out, she’s the first to admit her Healthy Living and happiness are always works in progress. “I’m constantly trying to learn how to have Healthy Living secrets and salsa lessons and take tips from people,” she says. “You have to remind yourself all the time.” Here’s some of the best advice she’s taken to heart

Exercise with a buddy

Although Hendricks says that she’s not a gym rat at heart, scheduling training sessions with her husband, actor Geoffrey six secrets Arend, provides good incentive. “We try to work out together or even try salsa lessons because it makes it so much more fun and it makes the time go by quickly even with salsa lessons,” she says

Get comfortable in the kitchen

“I love food, and I love to cook,” she unabashedly admits. “One of my favorite meals is Indian food. It’s a bit more time-consuming because you have to roast the spices, but it makes your house smell heavenly.” But when it’s time for comfort food, she digs into spaghetti and red sauce. “It’s always comforting to me. It’s simple and you know some secrets what you’re getting,” she says

Break out of your workout rut

Secrets to Healthy Living

“I’m really into my Bosu ball right now. They’re kind of fun,” she says. Hendricks credits her dancing background six secrets for her natural ability on the ball. “I have good balance, so I feel like I’m good at it,” she says. Hendricks also keeps kettle bells around her house so she can squeeze in a strength workout when she has time. “I keep [them] right next to the bed, so I can run my bath water, do a set, and then do six secrets something else, and then come back for my Healthy Living,” she says

Save your face

Hendricks’ glowy porcelain skin is every bit as enviable up close as it is on screen, but the actress works hard to take good care of her creamy complexion. “I wear sunscreen every day,” she says. “I’m conscientious, but I’m not paranoid about it six secrets. If I sit by a pool, I’ll wear a sunhat.” She also keeps a regular Healthy Living routine and uses Shu Uemura cleansing oil (“It doesn’t dry me out.”) and Remède facial moisturizer

Dance every day and try salsa lessons

After singing and salsa lessons for her role in the musical Company at New York City’s Lincoln Center this past spring, Hendricks has been trying to keep her love of salsa lessons front and center. “It’s an excellent way for me to exercise and not even know that I am,” she says. Hendricks and Arend recently began taking salsa lessons and they six secrets also love having a good old-fashioned dance party in their house. Among her favorites to groove to right now are Arcade Fire’s latest album, The Suburbs, and Florence and the Machine’s Lungs

Have self check-in's

As a true believer in moderation in everything from food to Healthy Living to shopping to salsa lessons Hendricks says that maintaining her health really comes down to self-awareness. “We’re all really busy people and it’s hard sometimes to eat the right foods six secrets or drink the right thing or put the sunscreen on,” she explains. “We just have to constantly check in and gauge and moderate ourselves.”

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