how to prevent wrinkles - 4 Tips To Naturally wrinkle treatment

how to prevent wrinkles - 4 Tips To Naturally wrinkle treatment

    4 Tips To Naturally Wrinkle treatment

    how to prevent wrinkles - 4 Tips To Naturally wrinkle treatment

    November is National Skin month and it got me thinking about how I could be more proactive in body care of my skin. While I am still in my early 20s and hope skin that I have awhile yet to worry about wrinkle treatment, I was curious if there’s anything I can do now to help with wrinkle treatment and the dreaded facial lines.
    After talking with Rachel Brecht, a licensed aesthetician skin and certified laser technician at the Banner Center Mohs Dermatology in Sun City West, Arizona, I learned about four practices to help with my body care and wrinkle treatment.

    how to prevent wrinkles - 4 Tips To Naturally wrinkle treatment
    4 Tips To Naturally wrinkle treatment

    How to prevent wrinkles

    1. Wear Sunscreen

    “About 85 to 95 percent of photo-aging comes from the sun skin directly, so the main prevention is going to be wearing sunscreen,” Brecht said.She suggested a sunscreen with a physical block skin instead of a chemical absorber.“Most of the sunscreens on the market are chemical sunscreens and they will degrade after about 80 minutes and you have to reapply,” she said.
    So what’s the difference between a physical sunblock and a chemical absorber?

    Physical sunblock

    Protects skin by deflecting UV radiation
    Has a thick paste-like consistency
    Active ingredients: zinc oxide or titanium dioxide
    Deals with wrinkle treatment
    Help you for your body care

    Chemical Sunscreen
    Works by absorbing UV radiation and Has a thinner consistency and is usually odorless Active ingredients: Avobenzone or oxybenzone, for example Tip: If you have sensitive skin, chose a physical block without preservatives or fragrances for wrinkle treatment, Brecht recommended.“A physical sunblock will give you a better body care, more even-covered protection all day,” Brecht said. “It’s still necessary to reapply, as you can sweat it off or rub it off.”

    2. Cleanse daily

    I make it a daily body care routine to wash my face twice daily and Brecht agreed that it’s essential. Taking care of your skin by washing your face morning and night helps keep skin and wrinkle treatment, she said.“Not only does it keep your pores as tight and clean as possible, but it aids in product absorption, so your creams work as efficiently as they help in wrinkle treatment,” Brecht said.

    3. Keep hydrated

    If you live in a dry climate, keeping your body hydrated can be difficult. Being an Arizona native, I am used to drinking a lot of water to keep my body hydrated and for my body care, but what about my skin? Hydrating skin by using a daily moisturizer is also important to keep you in touch with wrinkle treatment.

    “All skin requires moisturizing, even if you have oily skin,” Brecht said. “The dryer your skin is, the faster it ages.” Reminder: Moisturize your face once in the morning and once in the evening. If you find you need moisturizer more than twice a day, that may be a sign you aren’t using the right moisturizer for your skin type and body care, Brecht said.

    4. Sleep on your back

    Staying in one position, let alone sleeping on your back, is tough to control. While it can be an adjustment, Brecht said people age better when sleeping on their back.I can usually tell if a client is a side sleeper,” she said. “A lot of people have more lines on one side verses the other. When sleeping on your side, you are not giving your skin a chance or your body care to breathe.Help your self for good wrinkle treatment”

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